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Mold Remediation

Notice something strange in a wet area of the home? Think it might be mold? Have a trained technician come over and evaluate it for you.

Insurance Claim Management

Let us walk you through all the steps necessary to insure you have a successful claim with you insurance company.

Storm and flood damage can be devastating and seems to happen when you least expect it. Calling a restoration specialist immediately is crucial.

Flood Remediation 6 Step Process

Step 1

Restoration Companies

Emergency Contact & Property Evaluation

We can have a Restoration Genie first responder to your home within 45 minutes or less.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Project Manager Assigned To Your Claim
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Free Assessment
  • Project Plan Set Up

Water Removal & Extraction

First thing first we need to remove all the excess moisture in your home or business.

  • Find Source of Water Leak and Fix It
  • Remove & Pack Up Personal Belongings
  • Note Any Additional Damage

Step 2

Flood damage water removal

Step 3

Assist filing water damage claim

Insurance Claim Assistance

This is a key step that should not be taken lightly. It is imperative you clearly articulate what exactly the damage has taken place and the answers to any tough questions the insurance company may throw at you.

  • Assist in Calling Insurance Company to Begin Claim
  • Explain Project Scope to Insurance Company
  • Help Move Family to Hotel If Needed

Drying & Dehumidifiction

This step we bring in all of our state of the art equipment and expertise to completely dry the affected areas.

  • Above Industry Standards Set Forth in ANSI/IICRC S500
  • Completely Incapsulate Damaged Area

Step 4

drying and dehumidificaiton for water damage

Step 5

Reconstruct for water damage


We make it a point to not just rebuild, but to make it better than it was before.

  • Licensed & Bonded Contractor #20150114990
  • Detailed Plan With Budget
  • We Pay Deductible Up To $500
  • Online Calendar To View Project Progress
  • Great crew that loves to answer all your questions

Direct Billing

We make it easier on you by making arrangements with your insurance company to offer direct billing, so you don’t have to.

  • Optional Service
  • Makes Life Easier
  • Deflect all Questions To Trained Proffessionals

Step 6

water damage billing assist




What others say about us

This is a very good company !! There employees are super friendly. I have asthma and they kept the dust in my house to a minimum and my walls an new tile floors turned out perfect. If your house gets flooded call these PEOPLE !
Thanks Sebastian


Thank god for these guys! We went on vacation and came back to a disaster , fortunately I know Jeremy and I gave him a call and told him what happened and he had a crew over immediately ,they took care of us as if we were family and now our house is in even better shape then before the accident. I highly suggest them in case of an emergency!!!

David Sanchez10/15/2014Facebook

This year I had a major flood in my home. It started  upstairs down to my kitchen. Now imagine waking up on a Wednesday morning at 5:00 am and water just everywhere. I didn’t know who to call and where to run too.  A friend recommend Genie Restoration. Now mind you it’s 5am. I made the call left a message and within seconds I had received a return call. Within an 1 hr. I had a whole crew at my home. They assured me that I would be fine and that they would be taking care of me and my kids. Well they are a Business of their word. The same day I was relocated and placed in a hotel. I was in a hotel for 4 1/2 month’s. While my home was being repaired. During this 4 1/2 months process I had daily communication with the entire crew.  They explained everything in detail and step by step. My whole kitchen was remodeled, flooring, bathrooms, and the walls were replaced. I could just go on and on. Again, Thank you all for your beautiful work. My home looks better than before.  5  Star rating sincerely earned.

Mari B.10/11/2015Yelp

We had recently gone out of town for the night and upon our return we were shocked to find 3 inches of water covering our entire first floor. Due to the cold, a pipe had split in our den ceiling and had been spraying water all night. After calling our plumber to stop the spraying pipe he immediately recommended Restoration Genie to mediate the damage caused by the water. He gave me the number for the project manager, Sebastian. Mind you, it is now 7:00pm on a Sunday but he answered right away! I was surprised to hear that he sounded genuinely concerned for our situation and told me that he would be at our house in less than an hour. About 30 mins later I received a call that he had already arrived. He immediately got to work contacting my insurance company to help get us set up in a hotel and even started measuring rooms and drawing the floor plan for the estimate. And to go up and beyond his duties he even helped me get my two (less than obedient) dogs into the car. The next morning I met Sebastian at my home and he had brought two of his employees to pack up and wrap my belongings, he also brought a container to store our stuff while the removal of the water damaged flooring, furniture, and walls was being completed. The entire process was as painless as it could be and we are well on our way to moving back into our home. Thanks so much to Sebastian and his guys for the kindness and respect they showed our home and my family at a very devastating time in our lives. If you’re looking for a company that cares more about people than profit, these are your guys.

Katie H2/04/2016Yelp

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