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Asking the right questions and being informed in all facets of your insurance policy is the key to a successful covered claim. Making sure you claim is covered initially, and then understanding any policy limits or exclusions will ensure you don’t have any surprises later on. Always feel free to contact Restoration Genie if you have any other questions regarding any other part of your claim.


1. Is my claim covered?

What is more important and direct than knowing if your claim is covered. Be sure it is, or will be and what if anything is delaying it.

2. What if my loss exceeds my policy limits?

This can be a problem if it turns out you have $58,000 in damage but a policy limit of only $50,000.

3. Are there any exclusions in my policy which apply to this claim?

Being aware of any exclusions can help with any surprises later on in the rebuilding process.

4. Will your company pay all the costs I incurred to put my home back the way it was?

If something is not covered or can’t be replaced ask why?

5. Can I choose the contractor to perform the needed repairs to my home?

You have the right to hire whoever you choose to perform all the water or fire-related damage. Let them know you want your claim covered by professionals you can trust like Restoration Genie.

6. Is there anything you can tell me that will help to settle this claim?

Doesn’t hurt to ask! The insurance company wants to get your file off of there desk and into the finished stack too.

7. When can I expect the first check (and how much will that be?)

If you don’t know your deductible that would be a good question to ask as well.

8. What if that check is not enough to complete repairs.

It should be enough in theory but there are plenty of times the insurance company comes up short on there estimate. Let the insurance company know you expect to get your claim covered in its entirety.


Find out who is the decision maker and when that decision will be taking place.

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